It’s all about searching the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Cheers! My name is Peter Poete and I’m a non-professional photographer from Bonn, Germany.

My photographic interests lie above all in the documentation of the world around me and the way how I am experiencing and perceiving it. That includes in particular the human condition and the transition in our societies.

However, this page only deals with my photographic project for 2019: I will try to photograph each week nine pictures as a visual story. For me personally, this is more than a challenging task. 😉

Update 23.12.2019:

Due to many personal reasons I have failed and stopped my project for 2019. For 2020, I have come up with a different project for: 12 Shades of Life.

I have set myself the task of making exactly 12 pictures for each month of the year, which rather poetically describe this month. 12 colours, 12 feelings, 12 visualizations. The idea behind VISUALPOET remains the same. I want to train my photographic eye and tell stories mainly with light and colours – and thus work more visually than documentarily.

I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to network and collaborate. If you’d like to chat about a potential project, a collaboration, the universe, or just want to say hi, just drop me an email!

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